How long of a time frame can I hire Olympic Grove for?
The standard time you can hire Olympic Grove for is 4-6 hours. If your event is longer or shorter, we can work out a custom arrangement.

How much does Olympic Grove cost to hire?
Being that every event is different there is no fixed price. We will adjust the price and cater to your specific needs. You can contact us or visit the packages page for more information.

What areas will Olympic Grove service?
We are based out of Lafayette, LA and will currently travel anywhere within Louisiana for your event. Contact us for more information or if you have a special request.

Does Olympic Grove sell alcohol?
We sell alcohol at our special event popups, but do not for private events. Alcohol must be supplied by the organizer of the event. No pouring or corkage fees however. We are licensed to pour.

Can I rent Olympic Grove to serve my food?
Yes. We provide full pizza as well as pizza by-the-slice options. We have a menu crafted by chef Jermey Connor with delicious classic and original pizza recipes. Rent our pizza alone or with our bar service.

Does Olympic Grove have staff to serve?
We provide bartenders and a chef. We do not provide waiters or table servers.

Can I rent Olympic Grove’s yard games?
Of course! We can provide you with Corn hole, Washer boards, Horseshoes, Giant Jenga, Large Dominos, Checkers and a variety of board games. Email or call us for more information.